CANOR TP106 VR+ and CD2 VR+

MUSIC EMOTION – our latest review in Holland magazine

Conclusion english translate:

Two (CD2+ and TP106+) Slovaks with a robust and powerfull look. A look that this duo also projects in practice. During the long testing period of several months both Canor’s never had any flaws or problems and worked perfectly. Also the beautiful regulating volume knob earns an extra compliment because of the perfect chosen sensitivity to the CD2 CD player.

On the Master Contemporary C loudspeakers with 89 dB sensitivity the 12 o’clock position was equal to a normal listening volume and a higher position gave indeed a louder sound. Due to this perfect sensitivity there is a very nice adjustmentrange and the Alps potentiometer is always perfoming on his ideal, most accurate reach.

These two components are ment for the true musiclover. In other words people who enjoy their beautiful software in a intuitiv way instead of being confronted with a load of functions and connectivity you will never use.

The best part i have saved for last. The retailprice is very reasonable and as a consumer you get a lot of quality for your money.

Original PDF version: Kwaliteitssensatie vit Slowakije


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