The largest and most important European High-End Show

MOC Munich
Lilienthalallee 40
80939 Munich, Germany
Date:           May 09th to 12th 2013
CANOR:     Hall 4 / Stand K11

The MOC in Munich hosts the HIGH END, our well-known, popular and successful specialist trade fair, which sets the tone in Europe in the truest sense of the expression. Some consider it to be the definitive source of audiophiles inspiration. Others see it as a business date of the highest priority. And both are right.



  • Integrated Tube Amplifier CANOR TP134
  • Integrated Tube Amplifier CANOR TP106VR+
  • Tube CD Player CANOR CD2 VR+
  • Tube DAC / CD Player CANOR CD11
  • CANOR Aladdin I  (Tube Tester, Measurer and Curve Tracer)
  • CANOR Aladdin II  (Tube Tester, Measurer and Curve Tracer)
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