INTEGRATED VALVE AMPS £1739-£3100  April 2014

Canor TP134 in Group Test

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“Where ‘Carousel’ from Lifesigns will have many amplifiers struggling to remain composed-sounding, the TP134 proved adept at separating out the myriad synthesizer and guitar tracks from the dense mix, with a hear-through clarity”


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– But in the end, the top honour in this month’s group goes to the Canor TP134, which deserves a higher HFN sound quality rating and costs £500 less than the DiaLogue Premium. This Slovakian-made valve integrated straddled the romanticised view of traditional ‘valve-sound’ with a more modern, crisp presentation and served up wide and open images of musicians performing in space. Like the PrimaLuna, it provides remote control input switching as well as volume control and it can certainly form the central hub of a high-end hi-fi system that won’t break the bank.

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