Tall order  May 2014

Canor TP106 VR+ and CD2 VR+ in test with Magnepan MG1.7

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“In case you hadnt worked it out, beyond the charm and appeal that all beautiful systems bring, this one has me scratching my head and looking at what passes for my personal Þ nances wondering if there is any way I can keep this unique sound in my life.”


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“The experience has been boosted by a Canor duo that demonstrates just how good a well implemented pair of valve-based components can be. Beyond the individual superlatives, this is a system that makes all music an event. I cannot see how anyone could tire of how voices simply appear from the ether without any real sense of something so mundane as electronics being involved. The jury is still out on whether a big world needs a big bank, but the world of music certainly loves a big speaker.”

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