Canor CD 1.10  August 2014

Can this Slovakian-built CD player/DAC compete with its UK, US and Japanese rivals and does its tube-rectified power supply and valve output stage give it an edge?          Review: Nick Tate  /  Lab: Paul Miller

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“ Whatever type of music file you feed this machine, or indeed whichever silver disc you can find in your ‘legacy’ collection, the Canor makes it tonally sweet and smooth in a way that few machines at any price are able to do. Indeed it is one of the ‘nicest’ sounding CD players I’ve heard in a good while, and this seems to come from a combination of excellent basic design allied to that triode valve output stage which gives a significantly richer and silkier sound than you often get from solid-state.”


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“ If sound quality is all, then this is a bargain, especially if your system already sounds rather forward and full-on. The Canor CD1.10 brings real sweetness and ease to everything it plays, and sophistication too. Better still, the built-in DAC is excellent, and shouldn’t be regarded as a gimmick. However, not everyone will like its ergonomics or styling. It comes heartily recommended then, but do try before you buy.”

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