Munich, Germany

  • The HIGH END M.O.C. Munich is the major trade fair for high-quality entertainment electronics in Europe.
  • This is the most important European show of the season with hundreds of the industry’s leading manufacturers plus distributors and many members of the press in attendance from all around the world.
  • Location: M,O,C, Munich, Lilienthalallee 40  /  Duration: May 19th through 22nd 2011.
  • During this show, the visitors were able to take a look under the “hood” of our products, so the PCBs with all the electronics and tubes were visible and you could enjoy the precise hand work of Canor.



  • Integrated Tube Amplifier CANOR TP106VR+
  • Tube CD Player CANOR CD2 VR+
  • Phono Pre-amplifier CANOR TP306 VR+
  • Phono Pre-amplifier CANOR TP206+
  • Headphone Amplifier CANOR TP10
  • CANOR TTM-1 (Tube Tester and Measurer)
  • CANOR BT-1 (Burn-in Tube).
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