Aladdin II  – precision tube tester , measurer and curve tracer

Aladdin possessed just one magic lamp, our Aladdin will help you find as many magic lamps as you want.

  • Aladdin II is the most accurate and most complex measurement system for low-power audio vacuum tubes in the world.

  • This unique measurement instrument is equipped with very fast and accurate analog-to-digital converters, alikes are being used in accurate laboratory multimeters.

  • This measurement system measures a tube, assigns it a unique number, and stores all measured data in a database. Subsequently, you can select the tubes according to your chosen filters, and opt for the most suitable ones from the database.

  • Aladdin II is with its accuracy and speed optimized for use in series production.


  • ANODE SUPPLY : 0—300V/50mA       stab.
  • GRID 1Sys. : -17V….0.02V/20mA         stab.
  • GRID 2Sys. : -17V….0.02V/20mA         stab.
  • HEATER SUPPLY : 0—14V/1,2A         stab.
  • GAIN MEASUREMENT: Gain  A: 0……….99 +-1%
  • DISTORTION MEASUREMENT : by second and third harmonic

PDF version for download:  Aladdin_datasheet EN

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