Canor CMT ™ technology

  • We use our premium CMT ™ technology  (CANOR ® PCB Milling Technology) in all our products, it is  the way we mill printed circuit boards.
  • CMT ™ technology originated in a long-standing endeavour to improve the sonic performance of our products.
  • CMT ™ technology allows us to get nearer the dielectric loss factors (loss tangent) of printed circuit boards to the loss factor of air, because in tube wirings high impedances are being used,  and every tangent deterioration (likewise in capacitors) does hurt sonic imaging.
  • Thanks to this technology we managed to get to the parameter level of the so-called “wire to wire connections“, only with a use of very expensive and high-quality wires with teflon insulation. We can keep to the parameters in repetitive production with 100% geometric distribution  (which is impossible in “wire to wire”).

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