CANOR TP134, Hi-Fi Choice, „Tubular belle“, David Price, June 2013

„Whatever music you throw at it, from the crashing power chords of Nick Lowe’s So It Goes to the minimalist soundscapes of Kraftwerk’s Tour de France Etape 3, this amp provides a larger-than-life sound. Often more surreal than real, it is still never less than blissful to listen to. But let’s be clear, not every listener will like its coloured and ever-so-slightly tubby compressed nature – or its soundstaging where everything gets pumped up to twice its natural size and fired out at you. One to audition then, in some ways a great buy at the price which will bring you a musical life less ordinary – providing, of course, you like it like that. If not, buy a super-neutral solid-stater. “

CANOR TP134, HI-FI WORLD, „Commitment anxiety“, Rod Alexander, April 2013

„With wonderfully transparency, and none of the exggerated lushness of triode connected EL34 designs, this is an amplifier for lovers of valves, but with a level of robustness, reliability and operational sophistification that puts many solid state power amps to shame. It´s hard to imagine a better introduction to valve amplification. The commitment-phobic should take note…“

CANOR CD2 VR+, HI-FI WORLD, „East to West“, Tony Bolton, March 2012

„But I will say that it proved to be one of the most musically convincing players that I have ever heard, and one that has made my CD collection more enjoyable to listen to than nearly any other player that I have encountered. As such, it is unequivocally recommended.“

CANOR TP106 VR+, Hi-Fi Choice, „Heavy metal“, Ed Selley, January 2012

„For the most part however, this is a sensational performer that does a great many things extremely well.“ What the Canor offers is the timing, bass extension and general even handedness of a solid-state amplifier, coupled with an extraordinary lucidity and sweetnes that solid-state designs will struggle to match. This is a very fine amplifier indeed.“

„Big Audio Integrated Valve“ TNT (UK), Mark Wheeler – Reviewed: March – April 2010

„The high end integrated amplifier remains an unusual product, such is the conservatism of audiophiles. The Canor Precision Tube Amplifier TP106 VR+ demonstrates the viability of the format.“ „The great quality possessed by the Canor Precision Tube Amplifier TP106 VR+ is its ability to create the ‘you are there’ delusion as well as any amplification I have encountered before. The spectacular scale of the soundstage (not some phoney pin point imagery illusion) might be greatness enough, but the stability of the soundstage builds on this quality equally impressively.“ „Furthermore, the pitch of every note is clearly defined, evenhandedly across the spectrum; there’s no false emphasis to trick the listener into I’ve never heard that with any other brand moments. In this respect it is a truly great design and manufacturing achievement that the Canor TP106VR+ is as convincing as a pair of monoblocks.“

„Canor CD-2 VR+ + TP-106 VR+“,HIGH FIDELITY (PL), Wojciech Pacuła – Reviewed: March 2010

„Energy of its presentation is simply amazing!“ „I remember very well quite emotional phone call from Radek Łabanowski, an editor from „Audio”, who was responsible for conducting all measurements for reviews, and called me to share the big news regarding Canor’s TP-106 VR amp, that he was just testing. It offered so low distortions, noise floor, so equal run of frequency range that it made to the very top ones among all devices he measured before.“ „Zdenek’s devices have the ability of great differentiation of tone and timbre of instruments. Specially this first ability is not that common not even among quite expensive systems.“ „When I took a look inside the device all I could say was: „what a beauty!”

„Catching Sound“ MUSIC EMOTION (NL), Jan de Jeu – Reviewed: February 2010

„With these CD – player and integrated Ampflifier gives this at the moment relative unknown Canor a powerfull calling card. It is unthin-kable that the brand could not conquer a place in the audio market in the Netherlands. The quality, the design and the sound are from a level that the askingprice justifies without and even far beyond. It makes me curious about the other product of this manufacturer.“

“East Life” Hi-Fi WORLD, David Price – Reviewed: February 2008

“Slovakia isn’t exactly synonymous with serious hi-fi separates, so its all the more surprising that Edgars CD1 is such an impressive CD player” “Valve output CD players can sometimes be rather hair-shirt in nature, but this player proved to be quite the opposite. It was tightly engineered, especially in terms of distortion and dynamic range, which are areas where valve players usually display small, if inconsequential, blemishes.”