integrated tube amplifier


  • The CANOR TP106 VR+ is an integrated tube amplifier with 6550 high-power tubes in ultralinear connection to cathode feedback which operates in pure class A up to 20W per channel.Entirely new mechanical and electronic topology yields further significant improvement in sound. Massive welded metal structure with thick printed circuit board and double-thick copper, as well as strong high-frequency shielding, make of TP106 VR an amplifier very resistant to external mechanical and electrical influences. This is very important in order to reach the neutral sound of the tube amplifier, and to fully apply its unique characteristics.
  • This is the very first time our premium CMT ™ technology  (CANOR ® PCB Milling Technology) has been used, it is  the way we mill printed circuit boards.
  • CMT ™ technology originated in a long-standing endeavour to improve the sonic performance of our products.
  • Thanks to this technology we managed to get to the parameter level of the so-called “wire to wire connections“, only with a use of very expensive and high-quality wires with teflon insulation. We can keep to the parameters in repetitive production with 100% geometric distribution  (which is impossible in “wire to wire”).
  • CMT ™ technology allows us to get nearer the dielectric loss factors (loss tangent) of printed circuit boards to the loss factor of air, because in tube wirings high impedances are being used,  and every tangent deterioration (likewise in capacitors) does hurt sonic imaging.
  • Management section which manages the entire amplifier (input switching, volume control, soft-start of the whole amplifier) is completely galvanically separated from the audio section, which results in total elimination of noise voltages penetration to signal circuits.
  • We have achieved 10dB better crosstalk by using additional tube shielding (we had installed a metal barrier between the left and right channel and an additional shielding of Blue Alps potentiometer) amd  along with general topology of the printed circuit board and the CMT ™ technology. This parameter delivers soundstage of a recording as was meant to be.
  • The transformer core is vacuum-impregnated in order to remove mechanical hum, and the whole transformer is potted in a special antivibration material. Moreover, a cover in which the whole transformer is housed, produces effective electromagnetic shielding and is the main reason of excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
  • In the power supply feed as well as management section power supply there are used very effective high-frequency filters. Primary and secondary winding is separated by grounded copper foil (with double shielding) which prevents penetration of noise voltages from the mains.
  • Anode voltage is rectified by vacuum diodes and is filtered by capacitors with high capacitance which deliver energy to accurate and tight basses.
  • One of the most important parts of a tube amplifier, an output transformer, has several bifilar windings which are lined up in sections to maximise power bandwidth. Optimal ratio between ultralinear and cathode feedback made of TP106 VR+ a very universal and adaptive amplifier ready to drive any matching loudspeakers.
  • In the signal path, only high-quality Mundorf polypropylene capacitors are used.
  • We have developed unique measuring and test devices to maintain long durability and stability of audio vacuum tubes on which we select and match only the best tube pieces.
  • After debugging and burning-in, the tube amplifiers are being measured on the Audio Precision analogue test device.
  • All aluminium models are manufactured in black and in silver finish. Both machines are equipped with unified remote control.

Technical specifications

Output power 2 x 55 W / 4 Ohm
Inputs sensitivity 400 mV / 40 W / 1 kHz
Frequency range 20 – 20 000 Hz ±0.1 dB / 5 Watt
Inputs impedance 60 kOhm
Inputs 5
Harmonic distortion
Signal-to-noise ratio 93 dB
Tube complement 4x 12AT7, 4x 6550, 2x 5AR4
Power 230 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions (w x h x d) 435 x 170 x 390 mm
Weight 26 kg