Headphone Aplifier


  • The CANOR TP10 is a headphone tube amplifier of hybrid structure, and it is a direct successor to the highly popular and successful SH-1 model.
  • The new model has a completely redesigned and improved power supply.
  • The amplifier uses superior operational amplifiers (Burr-Brown), and top-echelon polypropylene capacitors.
  • Unlike SH-1, the 12AX7 tube is replaced by 12AT7 input tube. ALPS potentiometer is connected to the axis via flexible coupling and a bearing, in order to provide a fine, smooth motion of the knob.
  • The front panel is made of 10 mm thick aluminium.
  • Input connectors are gold-plated RCA phono plugs. By-pass output is equipped with same connectors.
  • The tube amplifier is powered from an external adaptor
  • External adaptor significantly increases signal-to-noise ratio which we consider together with musical expression of the amplifier as one of the most important qualities of the amplifier.
  • The TP10 can drive dynamic headphones from 30 ohms to 300ohms.
  • All tubes are being burned-in and measured on our specially developed BT-2 and TTM-2 measuring devices.

Technische specification

Output power 400mW/30 Ohms, 70mW/300 Ohms
Gain 10.5 dB
Input impedance 47 kOhm
Harmonic distortion  < 0,03 % (1 kHz)
Frequency range 30Hz – 20kHz/-0,05dB
Signal to noise >97dBV
Headphone jack 3-pole 6.3 mm
Power supply 16 V / 1000 mA AC
Dimensions (w x h x d) 210 x 88 x 295 mm
Weight 3 kg without power supply